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FEM Flex

Flexibility is an important part of any fitness practice. We have various flexibility methods to help stretch your body. Come and try one of Fempress Fit’s Chicago flexibility classes to get FLEXED!

Come and Stretch in our cozy and softly lit room to achieve a gentle, easy warm up for those chilly winter days. After your warm up, we will move smoothly into neck rolls, full-body joint circles, spinal rolls, hip circles, and leg swings—all designed in tandem to wake the body up. From there we go right into stretching.

Your body and mind will be taken on a journey in this dynamic form; with yoga inspired moves that fluidly connect body movements with your conscious breath–for maximum energy flow, and improved strength, flexibility, and coordination. All of your organs and internal systems will be stimulated; resulting in a relaxed new outlook.

This class will help you overcome chronic tightness in joints and muscles; while helping to reduce risk of injury, facilitate ease of movement, improve alignment and technique. We will help to prepare you (and your body) for more advanced classes. Flex will help you to perform other activities at peak performance, as well as improve alignment, extension, and technique. In this class, you will release tightness in your upper back, shoulders, hip-flexors and hamstrings while expanding your range of motion. Great for desk-jockeys, athletes, and anyone looking to increase their flexibility.

All levels welcomed.

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