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Level 1 Pole Tricks and Transitions

Looking for a new way to get moving? Fempress Fit offers a full schedule with pole classes in Chicago.

This class is ideal for those students looking to build off of pole dance basics and combining pole spin techniques.  If you interested in chaining together fundamental movements, this is the class for you!

This class reviews pole safety, pole foundations and teaches basic pole pirouettes, pole spins, beginner forward pole spins, beginner pole tricks, and poses. From there we introduce reverse pole spins, one handed spins, intro to basic pole climb, pole sits, and various static holds and fan kicks. The goal is to begin putting movement together in flows that will help you feel fluent and comfortable on the pole whether you are really beginner or intermediate.

We start with a series of conditioning exercises, move into our pole trick work, and finish with a series of cool down techniques, and dynamic stretches. This is the ideal class to focus on your technique.

Please wear shorts, or pants that roll up so that the back of your knees can be exposed. You will need kneepads, and/or legwarmers for this class. Stiletto heels are encouraged but not required. 

All levels welcome.

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