Q: What is Pole Dance Fitness?

A: Pole dancing is an artform and exercise in which a dancer performs acrobatic moves on a fixed metal pole that is used to support them, and as an instrument upon which to move their bodies.

Q: Is the pole safe?

A: The pole is very safe. It is a vertical metal instrument that is securely attached to both the floor and ceiling.

Q:  How do I know if Pole is suitable for me?

A:  Most people can learn how to use the pole. It is a fitness technique that caters to all ages, body types and fitness levels.  Classes range from beginner to advanced. In the beginner classes, you learn how to strengthen and prepare your body while you become accustomed to the movements.  As you work your way up to more advanced levels, your body’s strength and fitness levels will advance with you.

Q: Do you offer classes for kids, tweens, or teens?

A: While pole is an exercise that can be done by anyone, the theme of sensuality and self-empowerment, through what is thought of as a burlesque style, is not suitable for students under the age of 18.


Q: Can men participate, or are your classes only for women?

A: We try to be all inclusive, but since our mission is to empower and encourage women in a body positive and safe-space atmosphere, we do not allow men in classes.  If there is enough interest, we would consider an all-male class, or private lessons for men.


Q: I have no upper body strength. Will I be able to do Pole?

A: Not a problem. Our job is to get you stronger quickly. We will help you gain the strength and fitness required, and teach you everything you need to know to become stronger in your upper body, your core, and the rest of your body.

Q: Do I need to be a trained dancer or gymnast to participate in classes or events?

A:  Anyone of any background can participate. Students of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ability levels are encouraged to join. If you are a beginner you will slowly work your way up; while having fun learning and gaining strength and agility. If you do come from a dance or gymnastics background, you might be surprised to find it still challenging and exhilaratingly nothing like what you have done before.


Q:  What is the atmosphere like?

A:  Our studio caters to the empowerment, celebration and comfort of the women who participate with us. Our Fempire is more than just a place to exercise. It is a safe space where we can celebrate ourselves, and each other. We keep it free from negativity, and always positively uplift each other. We are a fitness studio and a clubhouse. FEMPRESS is a place to build strong bodies and strong, loyal, trusting relationships with fellow students and staff.  We strive constantly to provide a nurturing, caring, supportive, energetic, fun and healthy atmosphere.


Q: How is this different than exotic dancing?

A: It is very different. While many exotic dancers incorporate pole into their work, that does not make Pole Dance something meant only for their venues.  Pole Dancing is a form of acrobatic style dance and fitness that teaches women to reconnect with their sensual sides; while using their bodies to perform intelligently designed movements based on principles founded in ballet, Pilates, sensual dance, gymnastics, and other practices that rely on the strength and beauty of the feminine form.  Pole Dancing championships are carried out worldwide, and you will find varieties of pole and other aerial dance routines in large scale entertainment such as Cirque du Soleil, music award shows, and televised talent and dance competitions.


Q: Is there stripping involved?

A: No nudity is ever permitted.  However, some of our classes do incorporate some level of strip-tease in which a layer or two of clothing is peeled off (always optional) while learning to reveal a more seductive, sensual sense of movement, and body awareness in your dancing.


Q: What should I wear to class?

A: Comfy and lightly layered yoga, or dance clothing that is easy to move in, and that you can sweat in.  It is best to wear shorts and short sleeved shirts for pole work.  We usually work out in bare feet. Advanced classes often include industry standard 6” (or higher) heels that are a specific kind/style (do not bring your own unless pre-approved by FEMPRESS).  No street shoes are allowed inside the studio space. For aerial skills and yoga classes, your underarms must be covered.   Do not wear any perfumes, oils, or lotions on your hands or body.  Jewelry must be removed—especially on the hands, wrists and ankles.

Q: Are your instructors certified?

A: Our instructors are certified fitness professional who have gone through industry standard accredited programs. They are all also certified in safety, basic first aid, and CPR.  They keep their skills and learning material up-to-date by doing continuing education both on-site, and off. They keep up on the latest industry practices and techniques with ongoing training on trick-instructions, spotting techniques, and safety practices.


Q: What are the class sizes?

A:  We limit our classes and programs to between 4 and 10 students—depending on the activity.  We keep class sizes small, so that every student knows their instructor, and so that the instructor can watch every student like a mother hawk to ensure both safety, and learning of proper technique.


Q: Do I need to register, or can I just show up for a class on a drop-in basis?

A: We do not accept walk-in students.  You need to register online for the classes you want. Classes fill up quickly at FEMPRESS, so you are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible for the classes you would like to attend. If the classes show as full, please add your name to the waitlist. 99% of the time, you will end up getting into the class you want.  If you are on the waitlist, and get in to the class, you will receive an email confirmation no later than 1 hour prior to the class that you are waitlisted for.

Q:  Is there a changing room in the studio? Showers?

A: There is a restroom where you can change your clothes. We also have lockers to store your personal items while taking classes, please bring a lock. There are NO showers on premises.


Q: What else should I know?

A: Leave your jewelry at home. You will not be allowed to wear it in any of the aerial classes, pole, hammocks or lyra. You must also TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE. This is something that is rigorously enforced in all classrooms and gyms.  If you need to make, or take, a call please inform the instructor, and excuse yourself from the studio space while you use your phone.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]