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Fempress Fit is a pole dance, aerial, and fitness studio in Chicago with a variety of classes that emphasize the necessity of sisterhood and fun. We firmly believe that enjoying your workout and having your sisters in fitness working with you is the key to a healthy mind and body. We use movement to connect in a feminine, fit, fun, feisty way with the Empress inside all of us.

In folklore the image of the Empress is our deep connection with femininity. Femininity translates in many ways – beauty, sensuality, creative expression, nurturing – and is necessary in creating balance. The Empress calls you to connect with your energy, create beauty in your life, and get in touch with your sensuality using all of your senses.

Discover new ways to creatively express yourself. Let Fempress Fit help you bring forth the ideas that have been growing and developing inside of you, in a fun, sassy, and healthy way. Schedule a class or party today.

OUR Team Members

Lead Instructor


After years of gym workouts, Francesca wanted more from her fitness routine and started her search for different options. She tried pole fitness in 2008 and was immediately hooked. After mastering pole, she pursued other forms of aerial fitness adding Hammocks Silks and Lyra to her regimen. In 2014 she obtained Pole Dance Certification, she then went on to obtain her Group Fitness, Certification through the Nationally accredited AFAA program. By 2014, Francesca had fallen in love with the classroom atmosphere; teaching pole fitness to all levels, and teaching group fitness at her local gym. She has since attained further mastery in techniques including: Mat-Pilates, Yoga, Spin Cycling, Aqua Fitness, Body Sculpting, Interval-High-Intensity-Training, Flexibility Training, and other forms of aerial arts to include Pole Silks and Hammock Yoga.
Performance Instructor- Lyra Hammock & Straps


Jade is an international circus artist and variety performer. Her vast experience includes performances at a multitude of nightclubs, festivals, circuses, theaters and private events around the world. In 2017 she was honored to be the first American artist to tour with the Vietnamese Circus. Currently based in Chicago, Jade is pursuing her MFA in Performance Art at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. With over 8 years of aerial dance experience, she is currently focusing her talents on continued learning and teaching with specialties in lyra, silks and duo work. Jade wants to help her students achieve higher levels of strength, stamina and creativity. Helping others hone their skills in dramatic and entertaining aerial presentations is a passion that she hopes to continue as an artist and mentor.
Instructor: Pole, Chair Dance, Burlesque and Lyra


Unika is full of personality and easy to work with. She is knowledgeable, fun, and adventurous. She is always looking for a new challenge for herself, and for her students. Dance has been a part of Unika’s life since she was a little girl. She has always had a passion for the rhythm and the beat that musicality and dance bring to the physical form. Teaching classes like Pole dance, Twerk, Chair dance and Burlesque are all an exhilarating creative choice of expression. She encourages women to embrace that expression and be creative with their bodies. She loves to teach and help her students learn the moves to help them express the feminine sensuality and fitness that hides inside of them. Unika is all about bringing good vibes and girl power. After a long day of adulting, you could come and unwind in one of her classes.
Instructor: Twerk


Since she could remember from her childhood; Aliyah has been dancing to and feeling the deep African rhythm beats of her Native roots where Twerk was a family tradition and a way of a celebration dance. Individually performed but not exclusively by women Dancers this dance movement by throwing or thrusting their hips back or shaking their products often in a low squatting stance. Aliyah always knew this dance was a great outlet for her. Later, she started her first pole class hoping to gain a bit of upper body strength. It was then she felt the marriage of pole dancing along with Twerk, and this movement became second nature for her. Today she uses both Twerk along with Pole and Aerial Dance . She loves dancing to this amazing rhythmic movement to Hip Hop, Pop or any genre! She loves teaching her students by showing them how to let go and fall in love with those same rhyming beats in today’s music. Aliyah says “Twerking is but one choreographic gesture within rhythmic bounce.... just listen for the beat “ and allow your body to lead you there.
Instructor: Pole


Hannah is an artist at heart and loves pushing the bounds of her creative expression. She started dancing early in childhood and trained for many years in classical ballet and pointe with the Academy of the Milwaukee Ballet Company. As an adult, she fell in love with the sensuality and openheartedness of pole and how present it makes her. Hannah has also worked as an editor, photographer and freelance artist, and she recently worked with professor and marriage therapist Dr. Alexandra Solomon, illustrating her book, “Taking Sexy Back: How to Own Your Sexuality and Create the Relationships You Want," and designing graphics for her TEDx talk, “Relational Self-Awareness: The Key to Navigating Modern Love.” As a musician and multi-instrumentalist, Hannah also has a deep inner connection to musicality and finds joy in being able to express it through the body. She hopes to help her students gain strength, feel freer and become more grounded and connected within themselves.
Instructor: Pole, Hammocks, Lyra, Twerk Sub, Flex


Jennifer began pole dancing in 2013 and fell in love with the sultry side of dance. Pole led her to the joys of all things aerial, especially hanging upside down in hammocks. Her movement attempts to capture all things beautiful and bendy. Whether its slinky choreography, active flexibility training, or just good old fashioned rolling around on the floor and touching yourself, you'll find Jennifer encouraging her students in their own journeys of personal growth and self discovery. She believes that pole and aerial are transformative arts- not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It is her pleasure and privilege to be able to witness students blossom as they discover the beauty and strength they possess both inside and out.