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Fempress Flight Level 1- Lyra

This class is open to any student who has completed Intro to FEMPRESS FLIGHT/ Lyra/Hoop.

Join us in our studio for our beginner aerial double point Lyra.  Lyra Hoop, a.k.a. Aerial Ring is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling. It is used to perform aerial acrobatics. It can be used either static, spinning, or swinging. Lyra (Aerial hoop) classes always start with warm-ups, stretch and strength tips, and conditioning movements. In this class you will learn various ways to mount and dismount the ring. You will also learn different hangs, poses, and transitions both above and below the bar. Learn fun new aerial poses, tricks and transitions.  At the end of class, we do a series of cool down techniques, and dynamic stretches; an important part of your pole fitness regimen.

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