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Fempress FLOW

Looking for pole dance movement classes in Chicago?

Flow is focused on pole dance movement and fluidity. Bring your themed clothing, accents, shoes and accessories or anything to make you feel like a FEMPRESS. Walk, crawl, frisk, play and luxuriate in your own curves. By the end of each class we will have you moving beautifully on the dance floor, to your music of choice, where your body and soul will tie everything together under our dimly lit glowing lights. Along with building stamina, this class will help you develop musicality, intention & character; while emphasizing clean movement & lines. This class will prepare you to dance alone, and with others, and will compliment your pole dancing skills.
There are no tricks taught in this class. Level 1 and 2 tricks are welcomed, and encouraged in this Fempress Flow Class.

Wear comfortable clothing, kneepads, hoodies and legwarmers.

Into to Pole Dance with Tricks, Level 1,or Pole Dance Basics is a required as a pre-requisite.

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