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Pole Dance Basics

Intro to Pole Dance with Tricks  is a prerequisite to this class.

Fempress Fit offers a variety of Chicago pole dancing classes for both beginners and advanced students. Pole Dance classes are a great fit for those looking for a cardiovascular class that incorporates dance routines and acrobatics.

In our Pole Dance Basics class, we will expand on everything you learned in Intro to Pole Dance with Tricks and find new ways to continue to express your sassy side. Pole Dance Basics class features dance moves on, and around, the pole. The goal of this course is to build on to the foundation provided to you in Intro to Pole Dance with Tricks and begin to add in new transitions to help you create routines in your dance. The curriculum of this class includes basic grips, proper body alignment, pole foundations, and most beginner spins. You’ll learn about the physics of simply spinning around a static pole while honing your athleticism, self-expression, and having fun letting loose with great music in a comfortable, fun, and frisky environment.

Please wear shorts, or pants that roll up so that the back of your knees can be exposed. Knee pads and leg warmers are also accessories you should consider bringing.

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