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Pole Tricks Level 3

Looking for an evolving challenge? Fempress Fit offers an array of Chicago pole classes.

Have you already taken beginner and intermediate pole classes already and are wondering how to put all of the tricks to work? Pole Tricks Level 3 takes all of the foundations you’ve learned to the next level.

In Pole Tricks Level 3, we will be reviewing more complex combinations to increase fluidity while also building on to your new trick library. This class will introduce more advanced spins, intermediate inverts, advanced holds, twisted grip mounts and reverse dismounts. We also begin putting the holds you’ve learned and create various forms of exciting combinations.

We start with a series of conditioning exercises, move into our pole trick work, and finish with a group dance or series of cool down techniques, and dynamic stretches. This is an ideal class to focus on expanding technique.

Intro to Pole, Pole Tricks Level 1 and Pole Tricks Level 2 is a prerequisite to this class.

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