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Six Inch Heels Stiletto Class

Learn how to demand attention while in stiletto heels. Fempress Fit offers Chicago stilettos classes that teaches pole dance and tricks all while wearing sexy heels!

This challenging, yet sexy, class emphasizes the basic foundation of pole dancing, and dance technique while wearing amazing, sexy heels. We combine upper and lower body training with core strength training while building your confidence, and pole freestyle abilities. You will learn the importance of exuding confidence, grace, and amazing posture while walking in heels. Polettes will be taught how to walk properly in 6” (or higher) heels with poise; through a series of walk routines and runway techniques. You’ll learn how to walk, strut and dance in heels; while gaining the ability to demand attention with every stride—whether you are walking up to the pole, or strolling to the corner store.

Please wear shorts for this class. Knee pads and leg warmers are also accessories you should consider bringing. Stiletto Heels are required for this class.

Intro to Pole  is a prerequisite to this class.

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