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Twerk Foundations

We are excited to offer our Twerk Foundations class.
Learn general Twerk along with a few of our most basic pole dance fundamentals and then get immersed in learning unique movements, body mechanics and various twerk styles. This fun class will show you step by step on all of the moves to make your hips roll, booty bounce and clap! Even though this is a fun class, your abs and thighs will get a great workout!
Our Twerk class features warm-up & stretches and finishes with a slow, cool-down track to bring your heart back down to earth.

*Warning: Explicit Song Lyrics may be played during class*

We recommend dressing comfortable avoiding super tight high quality leggings that suck up everything because we want is to jiggle and shake so leggings with “give” are the best! You can also wear shorts, make sure they are not super tight as well. We recommend coming prepared, you will need kneepads, and/or legwarmers for this class.

Our Twerk classes are for all levels.

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